Lex Steele uses his Giantic Cock as a sledgehammer to open up this sun-kissed Florida MILF



“I’ll Do Whatever You Want. You Are My God Right Now.”

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Random MILF #11365 via Lex Steele in MILF Magnet #1

LexWeek Clip #2: Now this really sets the tone of what we’re gonna see during LexWeek. Hot MILF Pussies getting pummeled by Lex’s long but insanely smooth giant tool in exotic locations like this poolside lounge area seen in the video above.

lex week……good times


Random MILF #34201 vs Lex Steele in MILF Magnet

LexWeek Clip #3: We go into the interior of this lovely and probably Californian Home to Watch Lex pump his footlong man rod into this fashionable MILF

I once saw a joke that said “why do people put VS in sex and porn clips? It doesnt look like their fighting” Well watch this clip and you’ll see why the pros are always “keeping score” ;-)


Cant find my vasoline so i cant masturbate to this Kendra Secrets scene where she takes on Richard Mann giant dick in an upscale bathroom.




Fucking Jada. Pinche Jada.

With all respect, your ass is pure meat. Thank you.